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About Rusty 

In this brightly illustrated book from the upcoming children's book series about overcoming fears, Rusty, a raccoon gains the strength to tell his family and friends about his big secret. Growing up as a raccoon includes dumpster diving, serving for leftovers outside of pizza shops, and staying up all night playing games and eating. There is only one problem, Rusty is terrified of the dark. One day Rusty decides to stay up during the day and goes on an adventure around New York City to finally see the world in light. Along the way, he finds a tailless squirrel named Squeaks who helps Rusty learn that the dark is not so scary after all!  Rusty the Raccoon is Scared of the Dark emphasizes the importance of friendship, courage, and overcoming obstacles.


Our mission 


We have recognized the need for books that empower parents, teachers, caregivers, and others to enhance children's speech and language development skills. As a speech-language pathologist, Michelle Trotta, consistently integrates books into therapy sessions and emphasizes the significance of early literacy skills.

That's why Rusty the Raccoon is Scared of the Dark goes beyond being an entertaining book—it's a valuable resource for adults to have at their fingertips. It offers insights into developmental milestones and suggests engaging activities to accompany the reading experience. Additionally, our website that accompanies the book, providing a wealth of FREE resources for adults, including printable worksheets like coloring pages, mazes, crafts, word searches, and more. These resources can be utilized by parents at home, teachers in the classroom, and even speech and occupational therapists during therapy sessions.

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